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Make Your Move and Breaking Point

Boys Town:

Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders, innovators, and hope for the future. While some children have many opportunities to shine in these areas, others don’t, because they are struggling to survive poverty, abuse, neglect, and families in crisis. Regardless of a person’s background, race, or religion, Boys Town believes that everyone deserves the chance to reach their full potential.

Unfortunately, even with the many young lives we save and change, there are still far too many boys and girls who could benefit from our help but don’t know how to find it. We hope you can help increase awareness to those youth (and their families) who need the unique assistance our Hotline services provide. 

We have grown to become a national organization that reaches communities from coast to coast, and our scope has expanded to include in-home family counseling, health care and programs to rebuild at-risk schools.

One of our services, provided free of charge, is the Boys Town National Hotline®, a 24/7 crisis hotline for kids and parents. It provides a website specifically for teenagers called .  For 30 years, the Boys Town National Hotline® and its extended services have been answering the call when children and parents need immediate, professional, and compassionate assistance, answering 150,000 calls, emails, texts, and chats a year.

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Make Your Move
This PSA, titled “Make Your Move” – urges teens who are suffering from depression – a growing epidemic in recent years – to take the first step leading to recovery. We meet a teen boy who looks down and dejected as he walks in his school’s hallway. We hear his thoughts as he laments his depressed outlook and tries to examine how he came to this sad state. As he muses to himself, animated goblins and menacing images swirl around him, reflecting his anxiety. He realizes that he has the strength to bounce back – and that first step must be his. He vows to turn his life around – and shares that he found support at – the website from Boys Town, the organization that’s been serving troubled teens for a century.

Breaking Point
Sometimes a problem will just go away. But some things need attention before reaching the breaking point. You don’t have to face these problems alone. Visit parenting for valuable guides, downloadable parenting tools and expert advice. If you need immediate help, call the trained counselors at the Boys Town National Hotline, 800-448-3000.