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Teach Love and Dreams

Boys Town:

Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders, innovators, and hope for the future. While some children have many opportunities to shine in these areas, others don’t, because they are struggling to survive poverty, abuse, neglect, and families in crisis. Regardless of a person’s background, race, or religion, Boys Town believes that everyone deserves the chance to reach their full potential.

Unfortunately, even with the many young lives we save and change, there are still far too many boys and girls who could benefit from our help but don’t know how to find it. We hope you can help increase awareness to those youth (and their families) who need the unique assistance our Hotline services provide. 

We have grown to become a national organization that reaches communities from coast to coast, and our scope has expanded to include in-home family counseling, health care and programs to rebuild at-risk schools.

One of our services, provided free of charge, is the Boys Town National Hotline®, a 24/7 crisis hotline for kids and parents. It provides a website specifically for teenagers called .  For 30 years, the Boys Town National Hotline® and its extended services have been answering the call when children and parents need immediate, professional, and compassionate assistance, answering 150,000 calls, emails, texts, and chats a year.

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Teens are often surrounded by teachers and teen influencers who tell them how “they can achieve whatever they set their minds to achieve.” For teens experiencing depression (a condition one in five go through) these motivational messages only make their depression worse.

In “Dreams” we see a girl who encounters these motivational messages – on social media, in class, and ultimately from a commencement speaker. She confides to camera that she had trouble processing these messages while feeling so gloomy.

She finds supportive, inspiring stories of teens who work through their depression on yourlifeyourvoice. org. And comes to believe that she can indeed achieve her dreams – starting with simply finding herself again. She urges confused teens to take the first step at


Love and respect are at the core of each parenting strategy from Boys Town.

  • Teach me respect.
  • Teach me patience.
  • Teach me kindness.
  • Teach me love.

Visit to receive your “Teach Love” magnet.

Because the change we want to see in our world begins at home, and Boys Town is there to help along the way.

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