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PSA Campaigns for National Multiple Sclerosis Society

National Multiple Sclerosis Society:

Multiple sclerosis is an unpredictable disease of the central nervous system. Currently there is no cure. Symptoms vary from person to person and may include disabling fatigue, mobility challenges, cognitive changes, and vision issues. An estimated 1 million people live with MS in the United States. Early diagnosis and treatment are critical to minimize disability. Significant progress is being made to achieve a world free of MS.

About the National Multiple Sclerosis Society

The National MS Society, founded in 1946, is the global leader of a growing movement dedicated to creating a world free of MS. The Society funds cutting-edge research for a cure, drives change through advocacy and provides programs and services to help people affected by MS live their best lives. Connect to learn more and get involved:, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube or 1-800-344-4867.

Current Campaigns:

Past Campaigns:

Current PSA Campaigns for National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Walk MS – New Experience

As the signature fundraising event for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Walk MS® is the largest nationwide gathering of the MS community with events across the nation and more than 100,000 participants. At Walk MS, friends, family and loved ones come together to demonstrate support and solidarity for people with MS so no one has to face this disease alone. It’s an opportunity for people with MS to be surrounded by a meaningful expression of the support system that’s critical every day of their MS journey. And we are so excited to share the new, energizing Walk MS experience with the world in 2024!

Everyone has a place at Walk MS whether they live with MS, love someone who does, or are a part of the wider community, each participant chooses a colored circle to proudly display their role in the movement and be celebrated for the important part they play. The new Walk MS experience is an unforgettable display of the support and love surrounding people with MS. It takes a whole community to raise funds because a cure is on the line – and we can’t stop until we end MS for good.

My MS Moment

Stories of life with multiple sclerosis are told through the everyday moments people with MS experience. Sometimes these moments and feelings can be hard to explain in words, so people with MS often share them in the abstract – the sense that time is standing still as they wait in their doctor’s office to hear the words “you have MS”; or the experience of waking up in the morning and feeling like their legs are encased in cement. Bringing those moments to life, and sharing them with the world, allows the stories of living with MS to be seen and understood like never before. The National MS Society amplifies the stories of people living with MS to raise awareness during MS Awareness Week and every day. We won’t stop — until the moment we’ve all been waiting for — when we find a cure for every person living with this disease. You can help ensure that more people understand what life with MS can be like and engage them to do something about it, by running these :15, :30, and :60 Television PSAs.

Past PSA Campaigns for National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Whatever It Takes

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s new public service awareness campaign, “What Ever it Takes” offers people a special place to share their own creative solutions to the challenges of MS and find new ones at and know how to get involved through Walk MS at When we unite to raise awareness and share solutions, we become stronger than multiple sclerosis. Thank you for helping move us closer to a world free of multiple sclerosis. Should you be interested in pursuing editorial content about MS and any of the exciting progress taking place in the MS movement, please visit our website Press Room at Feel free to contact us at 1-800-344-4867 with any questions.

Surfer/Dancer Together We Are Stronger

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s new multi-channel public service awareness campaign, Together We Are Stronger, features people impacted by MS and how their fierce resolve has developed solutions that unite us and make us stronger than MS. This inspiring campaign will engage people across the country to raise awareness, and share experiences and solutions to live their best lives.

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