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Disabled American Veterans:

DAV is a leading nonprofit that provides a lifetime of support for veterans of all generations and their families. Every year, DAV helps more than 1 million veterans in positive, life changing ways by helping them access benefits they earned, like health care, education and disability, and connecting them to meaningful employment opportunities. DAV is the nation’s most resourceful veterans service organization, keeping the promise to support America’s veterans. Learn more at

Current Campaigns:

Past Campaigns:

It is clear our country needs to keep the promises made to America’s veterans. In 2015, DAV secured more than $4 billion in earned benefits for veterans, their families and survivors. These include financial, health care, employment, and education benefits.

The new “Victorias Para Veteranos” PSA campaign, appearing in TV, presents America’s veterans as proud and positive about the personal victories they’ve achieved. This new approach is driven by the understanding that people are more likely to be engaged and motivated by stories of the positive effects of their support. And DAV has a wealth of victory stories to tell.

The campaign highlights the victories of real veterans as it follows them through a moment in their day. The 60-second TV PSA features seven veterans as they each tell us about their personal victories. The everlasting message of the campaign is that with the right support, all of America’s veterans can thrive, and fully live up to the dreams and freedoms they fought to defend.

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